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The Picnic

7th Energy Session

Intention: can't remember

I began the session bound tightly in a corset and rigid clothing with a ribbon stitched over my mouth and neck. Yet the binding was loosening and my family was pulling the cords and ribbon away from me. The tension between me and my family line on my mother’s side was literally falling away. As I dropped the ties that bound me, I began stepping in and out of old photos of my ancestors down the family line and being present in them in a loving way.

The power of this was that I was now owning my place in the family line, where I am right now in my lifetime, and recognizing areas of my own growth. This growth was shifting my personal mindset and way of being, as well as healing the generational pain and trauma inherited from my family lineage. My mood in the session was that ‘the buck stops here’. I claimed my work in this lifetime as healing the line and stopping the patterns. This isn’t a severing of the family line, yet a connection on a higher level. There was no room for condemnation, yet a deep acknowledgement of the struggles they went through and the patterns they were caught in.

Once the bindings were gone, we began hiking through the woods and then along a raw coastline. My children and I stopped to go swimming and, for the first time, the water I was in was not dark and stormy. It was beautiful blue water with joyful dolphins and beautiful streams of light. I soaked and swam and took it all in.

My guides had taken the fabric that had been holding me to be dyed and transmuted so it now had a very high vibrational light energy. The ribbon that had been restricting my mouth and neck was also taken and dyed a brilliant blue in the very water where we were swimming with the dolphins. The fabric and ribbon were cut up in squares and stitched together into a giant quilt.

Meanwhile Kate was doing a lot of work on my brain and its neuroconnections and then bringing this information and energy into my heart space. The work being done between these two areas on a nervous system level was to ensure that when stress is happening there is a deeper connection between the brain and the heart. She asked the higher selves of my children if they wanted to receive this energy and they said yes, but was told to put the energy in the field around them so they could take what they wanted to take when they wanted it.

It became clear the guides and our higher selves were planning a great celebratory picnic with a bounty of amazing food. Kate was told to also put the energy and information in the delicious food that was being assembled, so it would be attractive to my children. The quilt was laid down on the ground, covered with a picnic of the delicious food that was created and we all sat there on the coastline being together, joyful and celebratory. The food was feeding everyone’s souls.


I was exiting from a sweat lodge and taken to the water. My guide began putting beaded bracelets over my wrists and I got the sense they were encoded with something to help me relinquish being the anchor of control in my family. Instead of having a vice-like grip on the family in a very ‘doing’ way, I am moving into being the anchor for my family on a more vibratory level. The coding will help me hold onto a more authentic presence of being. There will always be action (come on, I’ve got a full house!), yet the action will come from a place of presence and knowing, not scrambling and muscling through it. I’m stepping into a new way of being the glue of the family.

Felt: unbelieving, unsure, grieving


  • Pay attention to how people are responding to me, especially my family. Kate’s experience, when she started doing a lot of work on herself, was that her family noticed it and there was a vibrational change in the household. Me being in a higher vibrational state gives everyone else permission to lift up without words or action. My handling of things differently changes the relationships with my kids and spouse. See if they start saying things they don’t normally say, responding differently to me or one another. This is what I’m stepping into. A new way to be the glue of the family.

NOTE: Two days after this session, my oldest child said to me, “mom, you’ve got this really cool

golden retriever vibe going on lately”.

  • When in times of stress, we see things through a pinhole or with tunnel vision. We aren’t looking at the bigger picture, yet focused on this one thing that is happening. When you can open up the view and see the bigger picture you can have some space. Query whether there is a lesson here for me to learn or if it is just happening and I don’t need to make sense of it.

  • Look for shifts happening on a personal level that can ease me through some of the anxiety. See if I can find the space, grace and ability to pause and notice. The answers or right action will come from the pause.

NOTE: Meditating on a stressful situation after this session took place and I felt a strong knowing to

just to say ‘yes’. This one word gave myself a gift of acceptance of what was happening and threw

away most of the anxiety so I could see the situation more clearly. I now use this simple tool to help

whenever I am getting wound up.

Techniques and Meaning:

  • Research shows that our heart has a ‘brain’ like our gut has a ‘brain’. Here and here are a couple of articles to explore on the topic.

  • My Grandmother’s Hands by Resmaa Menakem and Ancestral Medicine by Daniel Foor are two books that explore intergenerational and ancestral healing.

  • Genealogy may be something for me to explore.

Themes that Continue:

  • Maternal line

  • Water

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