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The Orange Tree

8th Energy Session

Intention: Wanting to get unstuck. Feeling like I had done so much emotional work, yet kept getting pulled back into old things or not able to move forward.

My maternal grandmother presented to Kate as her higher self. She was acknowledging that she had messed up and took a lot of regret to her grave. It had something to do with favoritism across siblings that impacted my mother. While she couldn’t understand the words, Kate could see the arguments and tension between my mother and my grandmother. The energy of their interactions was elevated, intense, and emotional. These types of interactions had occurred between them from when my mom was younger all the way through to when I was a child. At this point there was a big explosion that happened.

[In the real world, this resonates with me. When I was about 8 my mother told me my grandmother had died. I believed her and didn’t find out until I was a young adult that she had actually still been alive.]

In the spirit world, my grandmother acknowledged that she was in the wrong and was doing work to take ownership and reflect on her effects on other people. It was like she was going through a process of a personal life examination.

After she explained this to Kate, my grandmother took ash, which was representative of the inflamed, burst of disconnection and friction between she and my mom and used it to amend some soil in which she planted an orange tree. It was as if the ash was added to the soil as a compost to bury it in the earth and transmute it into fortification for something new.

While my grandmother was planting the orange tree, I was rock climbing up a gorgeous cliff in the desert. I reached the top and was gazing at an amazing sunset. Then I realized that the part of me that I had evolved from had not kept up with me. I snapped into action, putting on my gear, scaling down the cliff and went on a trek to find her. I was very concerned about us being in two different places.

The journey took a couple of days. One evening as I was sitting by the fire in my campsite sparks and healing were coming through the antennae I had worked on last session. When they hit the antennae they came into my system really quickly. Suddenly a symbol came through - it looked like flower petals in a sphere or an atom. It was spinning around and then placed in my body. Immediately I bolted up and knew where the other part of me was.

I went into ultra-marathon mode, running through the desert, eating gel packs, hydrating and never stopping. I finally reached that part of myself who was in a cave, fatigued and dehydrated. I sat with her for 2 - 3 days, nourishing her with the items in my pack and eventually brought her back to health. I gave her one last drink and told her, “we’ve got to go; we can’t be late”. Apparently, my grandmother was holding a celebratory meal and serving only fruit from the tree. When we arrived, the oranges were on a table in a bowl. We all sat there and I remarked that it was so odd because there were two of me at the exact same age. My grandmother said that she would have thought that was strange before, yet now she knows.

As we cut open the oranges, their insides looked like the symbol that had been placed in my body. We both ate the fruit and then we lay down to rest. This was the point when we merged together to bring my un-evolved self up to where I was. As my grandmother helped us merge, strings of golden light surrounded us. What we realized is that it wasn’t about removing blocks, it was about catching up to myself in totality and calming down the echoes of older ways.


Spin Technique: A way to consciously pay attention to what is happening around me. When I see a negative pattern, imagine it spinning, stop the spin, restart it in the other direction and then set it off. When I see something I like or want to manifest something positive, see it as spinning, increase it maximally, set it permanently and release it. You can use this with relationships, situation, or intentions.

For example, with work I might set the intention to bring more connection, healing, and benefit to anyone who uses my services. See it as a spin and increase maximally, set permanently and release it.

Quantum Energy: Kate is doing her own work and beginning to explore quantum energy and receiving new attunements. With this, she is seeing symbols more clearly when she doesn energy work and understanding how to place the symbols into the system so they can do their work.

Moonrise: Kate suggested I explore Moonrise, a year long immersion in shamanic wisdom and practices. Moonrise is a safe and nurturing space to discover your soul’s unique gifts and integrate ancient spiritual wisdom into your life.

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