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Insignificantly Divine

  • michele

Second Energy Work Session

Intention: Understanding why my Maternal Grandma keeps showing up in these sessions.

Past Life:

I was a young man with some mental challenges (what people would consider slow or learning differences now) in the US, frontier time. My family was very protective of me. I had a horse that I was really connected to who was a little wild and unpredictable at times. When I was 17, I got bucked off of the horse and while I didn't die then, the fall shattered my left my arm and I was seriously injured. Moving forward, I always had issues with this arm.

My grandmother was so scared for me, she went out and took a shotgun to the horse and killed it. From this day forward, I carried a very deep anger and resentment towards my grandmother until the day I died. I was literally and figuratively shattered by the whole experience. Even though my grandmother was doing something for my best, my feelings never quite healed and she died not too long after she killed the horse.

When the healing was complete on this lifetime (see note at end under techniques and meaning), the healing energy turned into different sound waves/vibrations which were integrated into my body. Sound is a powerful way to experience healing.


My higher self showed Kate 7 different scenarios that were scary to me and part of my unknown. There wasn't great detail, only glimpses, yet they were dark, scary and felt bad. I sat out in the dessert with a blanket around me and put the fears from these 7 locations into a giant cauldron. I heated it up and sat with it until they were liquified and the energy became transmuted.

Since these 7 places were part of me, when they were removed and put in the cauldron, I then had a cavern of vast void in my body. Kate spent a lot of time refilling me with a very high vibratory light energy, with a silvery light quality. As it was filling inside me it wasn’t creating more density it was shifting my vibratory state and giving me tools for expansiveness. Kate could almost see the fabric of it; the light strands came and were woven together, yet in an organic way that created flexible, beautiful spaces within me.

My higher self was very self assured and knew exactly what I needed to do. She stayed in the dessert and had Kate leave. She knew tending to this cauldron was her responsibility and what I needed to work through and tend to.

The cauldron was filled with a bubbling black liquid and then my maternal grandmother showed up and presented herself. She said, "I’m just going to slip right into the cauldron.". Her doing this had something to do with the mystery/energy of my grandmother. She told me that a lot of her work since she died has been a review and atonement of the choices she made and things she did. Somehow she had some accountability with some of my dark places.

My grandmother showed Kate strands of the elements of shame and guilt that have been carried through my maternal generations and said it went back 17 generations. Given this, there was a lot of healing work. She had a handle on our DNA strand stretching back and forward and was activating healing work to go back and forth through the generations.

As she was interacting with my grandmother, Kate kept seeing an image of me with big, beautiful moth wings unfurling. At one point while they were talking, I said, "I can’t even be here, I just need to go into a total chrysalis right now. I need to be totally cocooned to receive this information.".

As dawn was breaking in the dessert, I was still distilling down my dark, mysterious, fearful places. It felt like I was on a solo quest through the night, giving me time to reflect, take it all in and experience these difficulties and seemingly scary things I hadn't been wanting to look at before. By the time day broke, the contents of the cauldron were distilled down into a metallic golden nugget about the size of a craggy hockey puck.

I turned to Kate and said, "You are not going to believe how big this is going to get". I took it out and the energy was transmuted; it was no longer negative, yet now the golden lessons of what was distilled from the pain. I took a large hammer and pounded it out to a very, very thin, golden sheet of metal. I then rolled it up into a long thin tube and then bent it into a v-shape and said, "these are my antennae". As I unfurled my wings, I placed the antennae on my head and knew they were created to help me pick up on things and raise my vibration.

Felt: anger released


1. When in stressful times, it's easy to get pinhole vision and hyper-focus on something. While I may be thinking that this will help me fix the problem, it is actually closing me off to other stuff - including the humor in the situation. Finding joyfulness and bringing humor into challenges is important and a release. This will help me keep the levity I need to stay afloat when things are tough.

2. Continue to meditate and go within. Imagine releasing anything down to the ground that is keeping me in a lower vibration. Remember there is a bigger picture than what my focused vision might be seeing. Of course I need to take care and do what I need to do to address whatever is coming at me, but try to remember to have a wider view and tap into my antenna. There is so much more available to me. Ask myself, what am I not tapping into here? What am I over focusing on here that I can shift?

3. Give myself a lot of time to experience nature as much as I can to get grounded. Touch a tree, go barefoot in my yard, drink a cup of tea outside. Fortify myself.

4. The guides told Kate for me to keep something handy to write down any insights or flashes, so keep a journal handy to write notes. If I get a sense about my grandmother or the energy work or anything else, just jot it down.

5. During meditation, visualize healing light stretching out through multiple generations backward and forward, my children, myself, my mother. The healing of the family line is going to happen above my mother’s head right now and that’s ok. I might try to strike up conversations with my grandmother in my mind/meditation. The more practice I have doing things like this, the easier it will be to tune into my own wisdom. It might feel like I’m making it up, but don’t worry about this. It will strengthen my intuitive knowing for myself.

Techniques and Meaning:

1. As we go through our lives we have an ability to see our lifetime after we cross. We get clearer where we did things where we could have made different choices or where we didn’t get it right. My grandmother is having to rethink a lot of things that she did. It was clear to Kate that the pain my grandmother caused was not her not knowing, she made some active choices that weren’t positive that she understands more now. She is now choosing to do this work.

2. In energy body work, when you start to get into past issues with parents, grandparents or kids, you can begin to heal things in this lifetime. You can also heal across timelines, providing healing for ancestors and your family lineage. You can also provide healing/protection for future generations to stop some of the patterns. You have the ability to release your family from chains in whatever way that looks like for you and often this has to do with forgiveness. This makes sense to me, as I've been really learning and reflecting on my grandmother and mother through these sessions, which has started opening me up to a more gentle, understanding and forgiving view of our relationships.]

3. Kate does healings on this lifetime by going to the point where the person in the past life dies and places that version of me next to the me in the room in present time. When the healing on the past life is complete, typically the older physical self dissolves and the gifts from the healing become reintegrated into the current body. The thought is that part of the soul had been hanging onto something that happened at a different time or place. Whether you believe in past lives or not, they can be seen as a story that helps you move forward and move on.

  • michele

Fourth Energy Healing Session

Intention: to feel more connected (I was feeling very alone) and to help my children

An owl joined early in the session.

Storyline #1

I was drowning in dark waters (again!) and somehow something brought me a part of a boat to hang onto. They then started taking me back to an island to safely help me out. On the island I connected with animals on the land and the elementals (land spirits & fairies). I also began building structures and preparing to send out smoke signals to connect with others. I had developed enough support and was ready to connect with more people, rather than being alone. By the end of the session, the smoke signal had been sent up and a big boat was anchored nearby and people had gotten into smaller boats to row to shore and be with me. I was excited, for I had called in the right people for whatever it was I was going to need.

A female guide was helping me, yet speaking in a foreign language. She had red hair, was very earthy and doing a lot of work with plants and herbs. While hard to understand her, the essence of her message was that there is so much help beyond the veil. There are loved ones that have passed, there are guides around me. Even if I am not in touch with real people, I have a team around me. I can pray to God, ask my guides for assistance, ask people who have passed and are benevolent to come forth. If I’m feeling stuck, ask for help. We all have this power of support and connection ready to go and wanting us to succeed and do well.


Storyline #2

My children and I sat around a campfire in the southwest. I was standing around them, pointing out constellations and pulling down the stars to tell them the story of my family. We were all engaged and there was such a feeling of care surrounding us.

My son and I stood up and were standing in front of a set of mirrors. They were organized so that our reflections kept repeating over and over and over again. I turned to him and had a sledgehammer in my hands. The message was clear; we were going to break a family pattern and stop it in this generation. We looked in the mirrors and shone a light on the anxiety that we and his siblings shared and committed to working on it collectively. Then we grabbed the sledgehammer’s handle together and shattered the mirrors.

We were so excited that we started dancing around. I got some glass in my feet dancing around so Kate used her selenite swords to call it out and healed my feet up with sacred geometry which travelled throughout my body. My kids were surrounding me and all taking care of me too. They took the mirror pieces and carried them back to the campfire and put them in a cast iron skillet over the fire.

As we sat around the fire again, I had them look at the mirror pieces and was able to show them all the different stories of their possible lifetimes. Every possible reality of what could happen for each of them was shared and I sent them a blessing forward into their lives. While we were doing this, the matter from the stars was still sprinkling down into the pan adding more blessings and more light for the whole family. An angelic, tall guide came down and put drops into the skillet for another blessing.


Storyline #3

Two past life healings:

One: I was a very young female placed in a marriage at an early age. It was aristocratic and the union was forged so that our families could merge and consolidate power. The man I married was very controlling. I was like a bird in a gilded cage; prized but there was great fear around letting me out. While I had everything monetarily that I could want, I experienced a real loneliness in this lifetime that was crushing. While Kate didn’t see the end of this, it felt like the root of my loneliness was in this lifetime and I had to learn the lesson.

Two: I was a male nomadic tribes person, yet I was alone and didn’t have a tribe I was connected to. While there was no indication of why, I felt free and positively experienced my solitude. This was what I didn’t get to experience in the lifetime described above.

[When Kate works with a lifetime, she asks what the lessons are that need to come through. She does a healing on all the parts that were wounded and anything that would be in my soul that needs healing. She asks that all the benefits and wisdom of what I needed to learn in that experience be kept and contained, and anything that’s impeding me in this lifetime or impeding the expression of my mission or true self to clear out so I can step forward.]


  1. When I’m feeling alone or anxious, touch my forehead, my heart-space, and my abdomen and then squeeze the meaty area between my index finger and thumb on both sides. Is it acupressure a reminder to slow down and get conscious? Who knows, yet this is the suggestion from the guides.

  2. In a meditation or journal, set an intention to really think about the qualities of the kinds of people I want to bring into my life right now and write them down. Then intentionally call on them to make themselves known - and look for them. I should be open and have my antennas alert so I can take action. This is not a passive activity. Even if someone I meet is not a fit, there could be some other reason that this person came through. Use my intuitive discernment.

  3. Continue using the phrase,‘thank you show me more’ when something is lighting me up and the right things/people are showing up.

  4. Breathing Exercise: Imagine connecting with the energy in the earth, the supportive energy. Take a deep breath in and draw it up the energy to my heart-space. Hold it here for a bit and then exhale. Do this a couple more times. Then imagine connecting with the energy in the cosmos, the intuitive energy. Take a deep breath and pull this down through the top of my head and bring the energy to my heart space. Hold it there for a bit and then exhale. Do this a couple more times. Then take a deep breath and simultaneously pull down energy and pull up energy and hold in my heart-space. As I exhale, think about the energy pulled into the heart space filtering out through the rest of my body. Think of it as a golden light or some other color. Do this a couple more times. Part of the benefit here is experiencing two different things at once. It is a good mental exercise and it opens up one’s intuition.

Felt: Energized and free all day (and beyond)

  • michele

Third Energy Healing Body Work Session


  • Grounding

The debrief of my third energy session was a little more confusing than the first two. Kate said there was a lot of imagery coming through very fast and quickly right away.

In fact, she starts each session with a formal protection prayer and then Reiki. She said that even before she started this and an arrow darted into the room, she reached up and grabbed it. She took this as a signal to put up extra protection for this engagement.

I am playing around with writing this one in the first person and taking 'Kate said' out of it, to see how it flows.

I was in a small dingy traveling across a big body of dark, tumultuous water. The waves were rocking the boat and I tumbled off the left side into the cold sea. Alongside me, in the boat was, a female elder. She was my main guide for this session. She pulled me back into the boat and wrapped me up in a blanket.

I was panicking from the shock of falling into the water and because I could see no land. I didn't know how I would navigate and find my way. Then I realized the elder was navigating and I left it in her hands.

Once I got back in the boat, I was freezing and the elder was concerned about getting me warm. She opened up my chest and looked in. The light there was dimmer and my heart was contracted. She began singing a song and as the words came out of her mouth they spiraled into a thread of words that wrapped themselves around me. The song ignited inside me and gave me the warmth I needed to get me to the island where she was taking me.

When we got to the island, the elder put me in a terrarium that fit around my body. It was filled with lush greenery that now surrounded me and felt like a healing pod. As I lay there, I started to cough and dust came pouring out of my mouth, filling the terrarium. While the dust didn’t clear away, it transmuted into crystal particles that fell down and fed the plants that were healing me. An ecosystem had been created.

The elder was always around me and tending to me. She would go off and come back with roots she pulled out of the ground and put them in a foot soak and a tea. She buried my body in the earth to ground me and she kept me there for a time.

Later, when I had come out of the ground/terrarium my soul star chakra was opening up above me and making a connection to the cosmos. It was clear that I was opening up in this way, yet needed help. A young, scrappy eight-year old version of myself decided to build an antenna to help me. She crafted it out of scrap metal, bit by bit, by scaling up and sticking pieces together with bubble gum. When she got it high enough, she jumped down, brushed her hands off and said, “I did it!”.

At this point, the antenna was working and connecting up to the cosmos. My other guides lovingly looked at the work that my younger self created and valued the purpose it served to connect me. While maintaining its original intention, they refined the material into some kind of alloy and fine-tuned the connection.

The rest of the session is too difficult to put into words.


Every time Kate went to my feet, my stomach started gurgling. This gurgling actually happens a lot when I work with her. In a very general way, the nervous system is divided into two main functions: parasympathetic - rest and digest and sympathetic - fight and flight/high arousal and high alert. You actually can’t digest food as well when you are in this alerted state because that nervous system is focused on the sympathetic work. Kate wondered if all the work done to ground me during this session finally gave me the space to rest and digest. grounding i finally get to rest and digest.

I was freezing when she was doing the work this session. Apparently, often when being buried in an energy healing session, you quake and sometimes get cold.

New Practices

Bring the grounding practices into my life. Try to do foot soaks throughout the winter with epsom salts and herbs, and a hot cup of tea.

For people who need grounding, Kate also recommends taking your shoes off and putting them in the dirt. If you can’t do that, get outside and touch shrubs and other growing things. You can even trim branches and bring greenery inside in a vase. Another idea was to tie up eucalyptus sprigs and place them on my shower head to bring their scent in when the shower steams up. Finally, she suggested drinking a lot of herbal tea with herbs with the intention of grounding.

Initial Feelings

  • Solid, slow and thoughtful

  • A little confused and unsure what this session meant to me

Themes that will continue

  • Antennas/tuning in

  • Water

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