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Glass of Milk
Illustrated White Cats


I'm glad you are here!

Over a decade ago I met my higher self in a guided meditation and was blown away. Since then I've been exploring how my inner world relates to the external world through meditation, energy body work, journaling and process art.

I've had some powerful experiences.


Throughout this journey, I am frequently reminded we are all so awesome in the true meaning of the word. At the same time, the work reminds me how unimportant most things I worry about are in the grand scheme of life. This is the inspiration for the name 'insignificantly divine'.


I am leading this spiritual journey with curiosity and openness.


I don't profess to have any answers, yet I know sharing stories is the most powerful way to explore and connect. This blog is a place to bring together those interested in spiritual growth, personal exploration and making things a little better.


This is what I'm learning.

(if you're curious, you can read about my day job here)

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